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Replacing windows and doors could not be easier!

Contact our sales and request a free assessment visit! A phone call or email is enough, and we will take over the window and door replacement from the beginning to the end!

Customer-oriented sales


We are here for you! We want to provide solutions that work best for your needs and home.

Our professional salespersons advice and guide you to make the right choices for your home in terms of products and accessories.

Installation and measuring service


Our salesperson will measure the opening sizes of the products to be replaced and check any other installation related needs such as building racks, support frames, architraves, jamb baseboards, inner mouldings et cetera.

Generally, we offer turnkey renovations where the total price includes products as well as finished installation with removal of old products and installation waste. 

Customized solutions


Are the windows in your home unusual or with special measurements? Do you want that your new exterior door looks almost the same as your old one?
Alavus Ikkunat Oy can offer you very sophisticated solutions. Special measurement or model is not a problem for us. 


Durable Finnish products


We represent products manufactured from high-quality domestic raw materials.

We want to sell products that are durable and long-lasting, also from an ecological perspective.

Flexible payment


Financing is used to buy cars, vacations, appliances, so why not windows and doors? Applying Alavus financing is simple and easy. You can apply Alavus financing from your own sofa. The first bill is due three months after the windows are installed! Easy, right?


With expertise from Alavus


We represent products whose manufacturing process we know.

By selling domestic products, we support and value domestic entrepreneurship and know-how. In 2018, we installed Alavus windows and doors in 200 customers' homes.

Living room

The living room can offer a magnificent view of a lake or beautiful Finnish nature. Large fixed windows allow you to view stunning landscapes from the living room, as if you were in the middle of nature. With modern pleated blinds, you can get privacy and sun protection if needed.


The kitchen is the heart of the home. The day begins in the kitchen and at the end of the day we gather around the kitchen table to tell about the day’s events. The kitchen cabinets and other furniture define what kind of the windows should be like. They may be wide or narrow, with or without a ventilation fitting.

With Alavus windows, we can customize the look for your kitchen.


Peace and quiet, everyone needs them to recharge their resources at the end of the day. The bedroom should be a place where silence and tranquility unite. The bedroom windows should have good sound insulation if your home is on a busy street or near to an airport. With blinds, you can control sunlight effectively even on a midsummer night.


The sauna is an important place for Finns, and it can be seen in the interior design and materials of the sauna. The window is an important part of the sauna. It can be the key to a beautiful scenery as well as opening to the fresh air.

Exterior door

The exterior door welcomes your family and guests into your home. The door is used multiple times every day, therefore it must be attractive, durable, and above all, energy efficient. Choose the right exterior door for your home from our wide exterior door collection or design your own. You also can get the locking through us, without forgetting the smart locks.


The best moments of the summer are spent on the terrace with family and friends.

Leave the balcony door open and enjoy the summer breeze. The wind brake ensures that the door remains open. With the mosquito door, you can finish the terrace entrance.

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