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Interior doors

Our door selection also includes high-quality interior doors. We manufacture all interior doors to order according to the dimensions of the object. The frame depth of interior doors is standard 92 mm, but the doors can also be made with frame depths of 130, 150, 170 and 200 mm. There are two different models to choose from for interior doors: fire- and soundproof models and light interior door models.

In light interior doors, the thickness of the door leaf is 45 mm. The light interior doors can be made as solid doors or with glass opening. The surface treatments for light interior doors are painting, laminate and veneer.

The door leaf thickness of fire and sound rated interior doors is 59 mm. Fire- and soundproof interior doors don´t have glassopening models. The surface treatment for the fire and soundproof interior doors are painting, laminate, and veneer.

Alavus Sisäovi
Alavus Sisäpalo-ovi

White laminated fire- and soundproof interior doors.

Light interior doors Fire- and soundproof interior doors

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