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Kotimaiset Alavus-ikkunat

Korkealaatuiset ikkunat valmistuu Etelä-Pohjanmaalla, Alavudella.

Ikkunat valmistetaan aina mittatilaustyönä ja voit muokata ikkunoita kohteeseesi sopiviksi muun muassa erilaisilla lisävarusteilla, lasitus-, väri-, ja mallivaihtoehdoilla.

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Kotimaiset Alavus-ikkunat

Korkealaatuiset ikkunat valmistuu Etelä-Pohjanmaalla, Alavudella.

Ikkunat valmistetaan aina mittatilaustyönä ja voit muokata ikkunoita kohteeseesi
sopiviksi muun muassa erilaisilla lisävarusteilla, lasitus-, väri-, ja mallivaihtoehdoilla.

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Quality windows from a Finnish manufacturer

Much is required of today's windows. They are a large and important part of construction and must be both attractive and energy efficient. We at Alavus Ikkunat Oy offer both energy efficient and modern solutions as well as wood windows that respect old traditions.

Our collection includes both openable and fixed wood and wood-aluminium windows. The frame and interior sash of wood-aluminium windows are wood. The exterior sash is entirely aluminium and the exterior parts of the frame have aluminium profile casings. In wood windows, aluminium is used for lower frame and horizontal frame casings. Wood-aluminium windows are clearly the most popular windows today because they are in practice maintenance-free. Exterior aluminium parts as well as interior wood surfaces should still be inspected regularly and possible maintenance measures taken. You should familiarise yourself with the maintenance and usage manual provided with the delivery.

Windows are manufactured according to measurements, so they are suited for both new construction and renovation sites. In addition to basic windows our product family includes supply air, full aluminium and heated windows.

Energy efficiency of windows has been one of the cornerstones or our product development. Our collection includes windows that meet the best possible energy classification, A++. Our products carry the CE mark.

Energy efficiency of windows is affected by the glass's U-factor and structure, air permeability, solar energy transmittance (g-value) as well as frame depth.

Alavus Ikkuna leikkaus tekstein

Raw materials

We use only Finnish raw materials in production. Visible parts of finger-jointed pine used in wood parts are knot-free.

Surface treatment

Wood parts can be painted, lacquered, protectively coated or stained to the desired shade. Standard surface treatment is double electrostatic painting including interim sanding. Standard colour is white NCS S0502Y, specialty colours available at the customer's request.

ncs s0502y valkoinen
NCS S0502-Y White

Our most popular stained shades are VC-50 old nut and VC 3157- Oak. The colours of transparent wood stains depemd on e.g. following factors: sort and fibre structure of the wood, wood working, application method used for tge stains and applied amount. 

vc 3157 tammi
VC-3157 Oak

vc 50 vanha pahkina
VC-50 Old nut

TV 5728 ruskea
TV-5728 Brown

Standard surface treatment for aluminium parts is powder painting. Standard aluminium colours are: 

RAL 9010

RAL 7040
(light grey)

RAL 7024
(dark grey)

RR 32
(dark brown)

Representation of the colours on the screen may differ from painted samples. Please always check the chosen shade from a printed colour chart or painted sample.

Two-colour painting and detailing of the exterior frame are also available.

Aluminium parts can also be anodised or treated with Decoral decorative wood-designs.



Alavus Ikkunat Oy entrusts surface treatment to the Finnish Teknos Group


All our glass comes standard with a selective glass element filled with argon gas. Minimum thickness for glasses is 4mm and all glass used meet the SFS 4704 standard. There are numerous glass options that can be selected for specific uses.

Surface fittings

Window deliveries also include surface fittings, some of which are installed at the factory. White fittings and galvanised hinges are installed as the standard for white windows. Many other options are also available. Tell your salesperson what you prefer, and your windows will be detailed with the fittings that are right for you.

Window's standard cover plate


Openable windows always have standard triple insulation, and the quadruple glass low energy window MS2EA always has quadruple insulation. The surface of the insulation repels dirt and can be easily cleaned when needed. Temperature variations do not affect the insulation's features, as it always regains its shape and ensures the window's continued impermeability year after year.

huurtumatonHeat leakage in today's windows is so low that in some conditions the window's exterior surface can become colder than outdoor air, causing frost on the surface of the exterior glass. The lower a window's U-factor is, the greater the probability that it will frost. This has been seen particularly in quadruple glass windows.

Frosting has been a topic of discussion in the window industry since the introduction of the first low energy windows. Today this is no long a problem, as windows can be equipped with specially treated glass that keeps the exterior glass surface sufficiently warm to prevent frost from forming.