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Electrically heated windows

Do you dream of using your balcony year-round? Do you dream of sitting on your terrace even in late autumn and lengthening the summer? Finnish weather and varying weather condition are not always favourable, and do not provide the opportunity to enjoy Finnish nature without feeling chilled on your terrace. We have a solution for you. Terrace or balcony windows can be equipped with electrically heated insulation-glass elements. The windows provide warmth and comfort, and you are not at the mercy of the weather.

Electrically heated glass can convert your home's balconies and other areas for year-round use. The glass can also be used as a primary heat source, but it is usually used to increase comfort and enjoyment. Thanks to electrically heated glass, even large glass surfaces do not conduct cold and no condensation forms on the glass's surface so views are always clear regardless of weather conditions.

Heated windows look like regular windows. Electricity is conducted unnoticed with one tidy cable. The surface temperature of the glass is 20-40C, and can be regulated according to purpose of use. Use and maintenance do not differ from regular windows, and the windows can be cleaned in the same way as other windows. Electrical-glass windows are safe, as the glass is always hardened safety glass and current is cut off automatically if a window breaks.

An electrically heated insulation glass element can be installed in an openable MSE or fixed MEK type window.

Whether your space is a terrace, winter garden, swimming pool room or other living area, contact us and together we will design a solution that raises the comfort of your home to a whole new level.

Electrically heated glass technology is based on normal selective glass, whose surface conducts electricity. When electricity is turned on, the conductive surface acts as a resistor and converts electricity to heat.

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